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1 Overview

As the internet has evolved, there is a growing trend for a variety of applications (Clients) to access resources through an API over HTTP or other protocols.
Often these resources require authorization for access and are Protected Resources. 
The systems that are trusted to make authorization decisions may be independent from the Protected Resources for scale and security reasons. 

The OAuth Web Resource Authorization Profiles (OAuth WRAP) enable a Protected Resource to delegate the authorization to access a Protected Resource to one or more trusted authorities. 

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Clients that wish to access a Protected Resource first obtain authorization from a trusted authority (Authorization Server). 
Different credentials and profiles can be used to obtain this authorization, but once authorized, the Client is provided an Access Token, and possible a Refresh Token to obtain new Access Tokens. 
The Authorization Server typically includes authorization information in the Access Token and digitally signs the Access Token. 
Protected Resource can verify that an Access Token received from a Client was issued by a trusted Authorization Server and is valid. 
The Protected Resource can then examine the contents of the Access Token to determine the authorization that has been granted to the Client. 

認可を得るために異なったクレデンシャルやプロファイルを使っていいが、一度認可されたらClientはAccess Tokenを得て、新しいトークンを得るためにRefresh Tokenをもらうことができる。
Authz ServerはAccess Tokenに認可情報を入れて、それを署名する。
Protected ResourceはClientから渡されたAccess Tokenを信頼しているAuthz Serverのもので正しいトークンであるのかを検証する。
Protected ResourceはAccess Tokenの中をみてClientに許諾された認可を決定することができる。

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