OpenID CX : Contact refers to ContractTemplate

After small discussion with =nat today,  we changed the protocol to some extent.

    • An OP MUST advertises a  “Contract Template” to every each CX services. So , the Contract Template MUST be discovered with a CX TypeURI, like for  the OP Identifier.
    • A Contract Template MUST be added the digest of itself.  SHA256 should be better.
    • When a RP composes  a proposal document, it MUST donwload the Contract Template and copy it in a proposal document in base64 encoded form.
    • After the RP submits a proposal request , the rest of processes is same as before.
    • When the End User tries to aprove the contract, the OP MUST display the content of  the Contract Template and other service related data( “Considerations”  in juridical term).

Tomorrow I’ll define the Contract Template detail and modify CX Contract XML.  ToDOs are:

  • Define the Contract Template.
  • Describe how to discover CX service and the Contract Template of the service.
  • Modify the Contract Document.

I’d like to submit an email to OpenID CX WG until next week.

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