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とりあえず、一貫性をとるために “checkid_setup_direct” –> “direct_checkid_setup” 。”direct_checkid_immediate”のユースケースはよくわからない。

9.1.  Authentication Request Parameters

Authentication Request can be sent directly or indirectly. When it is sent directly, an Artifact is returned, and the Artifact is sent through indirect communication to the OP by 9.1.1 Artifact Authentication Request. 

  • openid.ns

    As specified in Section 4.1.2.

  • openid.mode

    Value: "checkid_immediate", or "checkid_setup", "checkid_immediate_direct" or "checkid_setup_direct", “direct_checkid_immediate” or “direct_checkid_setup”.

    Note: If the Relying Party wishes the end user to be able to interact with the OP, "checkid_setup" should be used. An example of a situation where interaction between the end user and the OP is not desired is when the authentication request is happening asynchronously in JavaScript.

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