OpenID Wiki / OpenIDwithArtifactBinding : 10.3.1. Negative Artifact Authentication Response


10.3.1.   Negative Artifact Authentication Response

If the OP can’t return possive response for received artifact request, then the following should be returned:

  • openid.mode

    Value: "art_error" for invalid artifact request .  “art_cancel” if the End User approve the request.

  • openid.artifact

    Value: The Artifact value received in the request. If the Artifact was not found at the OP, it MUST be a string "INVALID".

  • openid.signed

    Value: Comma-separated list of fields in this response.

  • openid.sig

    Value: Base 64 encoded signature calculated as specified in Section 6.

  • openid.assoc_handle

    Value: A handle for an association between the Relying Party and the OP that SHOULD be used to sign the response.

No other parameters should be returned

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