OpenID 2.1: Mode for artifact binding

Based on Rev 0.0004 of, the “modes” of aritifact binding requests looks like this:


Some modes could be potentially problem.

  1. Both  of the return message for “checkid_setup_direct” and “aareq”  is “art_res”. More context is needed to handle the resposne.
  2. No mode is given for the return fo “assertion_req_direct”.
  3. No modes are given for the rejecting reqeust and canceling reqeust.

The following might be more clear.


  1. All direct comminiation message mode stars with “direct_” which can be more consistent.
  2. All artifact indirect communication message mode starts with “aa_”.
  3. If reqeust is rejected by OP , response message mode ends with “_error”.
  4. If reqeust is cancelled by User at OP , response message mode ends with “_cancel”.

Becase “aa” means “Artifact Authentication” in origina =nat’s draft , other term like “direct” or “assertion” should be shorten in the same manner.

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