The TLS Protocol

8. Cryptographic Computations
   In order to begin connection protection, the TLS Record Protocol
   requires specification of a suite of algorithms, a master secret, and
   the client and server random values.  The authentication, encryption,
   and MAC algorithms are determined by the cipher_suite selected by the
   server and revealed in the server hello message.  The compression
   algorithm is negotiated in the hello messages, and the random values
   are exchanged in the hello messages.  All that remains is to
   calculate the master secret.
認証、暗号化、MACアルゴリズムはcipher_suiteを使ってサーバーが決定し、server heloloで交換される。
8.1. Computing the Master Secret
   For all key exchange methods, the same algorithm is used to convert
   the pre_master_secret into the master_secret.  The pre_master_secret
   should be deleted from memory once the master_secret has been

       master_secret = PRF(pre_master_secret, "master secret",
                           ClientHello.random + ServerHello.random)
    PRF :=擬似乱数関数, pre_master_secret := シークレット, “master secret” := ラベル, ClientHello.random + ServerHello.random := シード
The master secret is always exactly 48 bytes in length.  The length
   of the premaster secret will vary depending on key exchange method.
マスターシークレットは常に48バイト。premaster secretのサイズはキー交換方法に依存。
8.1.1. RSA
   When RSA is used for server authentication and key exchange, a 48-
   byte pre_master_secret is generated by the client, encrypted under
   the server's public key, and sent to the server.  The server uses its
   private key to decrypt the pre_master_secret.  Both parties then
   convert the pre_master_secret into the master_secret, as specified
   RSA digital signatures are performed using PKCS #1 [PKCS1] block type
   1. RSA public key encryption is performed using PKCS #1 block type 2.
8.1.2. Diffie-Hellman
   A conventional Diffie-Hellman computation is performed.  The
   negotiated key (Z) is used as the pre_master_secret, and is converted
   into the master_secret, as specified above.  Leading bytes of Z that
   contain all zero bits are stripped before it is used as the
   Note: Diffie-Hellman parameters are specified by the server and may
         be either ephemeral or contained within the server's

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