Final: OpenID Authentication 2.0 – Final : 8.4. Association Session Types

8.4.  Association Session Types

OpenID Authentication defines three valid association session types: "no-encryption", "DH-SHA1", and "DH-SHA256".



8.4.1.  No-Encryption Association Sessions

In a "no-encryption" association session, the OP sends the association MAC key in plain-text to the Relying Party. This makes it possible for an eavesdropper to intercept the key, and forge messages to this Relying Party when not using transport layer encryption. Therefore, "no-encryption" association sessions MUST NOT be used unless the messages are using transport layer encryption. See Section 15.1.1 (Eavesdropping Attacks) for more information.


The MAC key sent by the OP MUST be the length specified for the requested association type, as specified in Section 6.2 (Signature Algorithms).



8.4.2.  Diffie-Hellman Association Sessions

The "DH-SHA1" and "DH-SHA256" association types use Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange to securely transmit the shared secret.


The MAC key MUST be the same length as the output of H, the hash function – 160 bits (20 bytes) for DH-SHA1 or 256 bits (32 bytes) for DH-SHA256, as well as the output of the signature algorithm of this association.


The Relying Party specifies a modulus, p, and a generator, g. The Relying Party chooses a random private key xa and OpenID Provider chooses a random private key xb, both in the range [1 .. p-1]. The shared secret used to encrypt the MAC key is thus g ^ (xa * xb) mod p = (g ^ xa) ^ xb mod p = (g ^ xb) ^ xa mod p. For more information, see [RFC2631] (Rescorla, E., “Diffie-Hellman Key Agreement Method,” .). For information on the selection of random values, see [RFC1750] (Eastlake, D., Crocker, S., and J. Schiller, “Randomness Recommendations for Security,” .).

RPはmodulus(剰余)pとgenerator(母数)g を指定します。RPはランダムなプライベートキーxaを選択し、OpenIDプロバイダはランダムなプライベートキーxbを選択します。どちらも[1 .. p-1]の範囲にあります。MACキーを暗号化する共有シークレットはg ^ (xa * xb) mod p = (g ^ xa) ^ xb mod p = (g ^ xb) ^ xa mod pになります。

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