Authentic — Administrator Guide:Declaring Candle as Service Provider on Authentic:俺約


Declaring Candle as Service Provider on Authentic (AuthenticにCandleをSPとして登録)

You need to declare Candle as Service Provider linked to the Identity Provider Authentic. In order to do so, go on the Authentic administration interface:

  • click on "Settings";
  • click on the "Liberty Providers" link;
  • click on the "New" link.

You need to fill the following fields:

  • Metadata (Candle metadata file);
  • Public Key (Candle Public Key);
  • CA Certification Chain (Certificate gathering all the authentication chain to the root CA).
  • Allow IdP initiated Single Sign On: (Allow Single Sign-On from the Identity Provider and not only from the Service Provider).

Service Provider example: w.c.s. (SPサンプル :w.c.s. )

w.c.s. is a web application which allows to design and set up online forms. It gives a user the ability to create web forms easily without requiring any other skill than familiarity with web surfing. You can install it exactly the same way you installed Candle, the w.c.s. documentation can be helpful

w.c.s. Webアプリケーションはオンラインフォームをデザインしてセットアップすることができます。ユーザーはWebフォームを簡単に作ることができます。Candleをインストールするのと同じようにインストールすることができます。

Authentic — Administrator Guide

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