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What are the benefits of identity federation ?

There can be a lot of advantages:

  • to secure the accesses to your applications on all the networks, public and private (and particularly concerning a possible extension of extranet transactions); (パブリック、プライベート問わず、すべてのネットワークのアプリケーションに安全にアクセスできる)
  • to simplify the access to your applications using Single Sign-On (simplification for the users and the administrators); (SSOを使ってアプリケーションに簡単にアクセスできる)
  • to reduce the costs (costs of helpdesk in particular, costs related to the management of a partner’s or a customer’s users); (コスト削減。ヘルプデスク、パートナーや顧客の管理とか)
  • some federation protocols guarantee, in addition, the respect of the user’s private life (the user controls the exchanged data, no unique username is exchanged). (フェデレーションプロトコルによってはプライベートな生活を保障できる。データ交換をコントロールできるとか。ユニークなユーザー名は交換されないとか。)

Authentic — Administrator Guide

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