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Authentic is an identity management solution (an Identity Provider) designed for identity federation and Single Sign-On in conformity with Liberty Alliance norms and standards (ID-FF 1.2 and ID-WSF). It uses the Lasso library which is certified by the Liberty Alliance consortium.

( Liberty Alliance互換のIDフェデレーションとSSOができるIdP  )

Lasso and Authentic are released under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

What is identity federation ?

Identity federation is the combination of technological and business needs to enable exchanges between different networks and domains in a secure and reliable manner. The main purpose of federation is to share identity information across heterogeneous systems and identity platforms.

( IDフェデレーションによって異なるネットワークとドメイン間でセキュアで安心できる方法で交換が可能になる。ID情報を非均質なシステムやIDプラットフォーム間でID情報を共有することができる)

An identity federation based system enables the users connexion with a singthe username and password (or any other authentication mean) instead of having one for each service. This username and this password are typed only once at the time of connection to the first service. The user is then automatically authenticated on all the services sharing the federated identity.

( ユーザーは単一のユーザー名とパスワードと非も付けられるので、各サービスごとに個別に持つ必要がなくなる。最初にサービスに接続するときだけID/PWDを入力するだけでよい。フェデレーテッドIDを共有しているすべてのサービスに自動的に認証される。  )

We can compare a federated identity with a passport used to prove your identity and to allow you to travel from one country to the other.

( フェデレーテッドID=各国間を旅行するときにつかうパスポートのようなもの)

Authentic — Administrator Guide

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