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Identity parameters

Some parameters exist about the way identities are created. You can set them on "Settings", under the "Identities" section.

Identity Options (Identityオプション)

Clicking the "Identity Options" link you can set four elements:

  • Identity Creation: defines if the user can create identities themselves or if only the administrator is allowed to. When "Self-registration" is selected a new link stand on the login page allowing anybody to create an account and to receive his password by email. (ID作成:ユーザーにサインアップを許可するか?)
  • Notify Administrators on Registration: defines if the administrator must receive an email when an account is created by a user. (登録時に管理者に通知)
  • Use email as username: defines if the email address must be used as the username. When this checkbox is selected the user email address will automatically be used as username, the user can’t choose it anymore. (メールアドレスをユーザー名とする)
  • Welcome email: allow to write a welcome email which will be automatically sent to the new users. The text is up to you but is definetly more usefull if it includes the user password. At the place you want to display it in the text simply type "[password]" (without the quotes). You can insert the username as well using "[username]" and the server name using "[hostname]". (ようこそメール)
Identity Storage (Identityストレージ)

Following the "Identity Storage" link you can choose two different stockage types:

  • Default storage (files) (stores the identities in separate files in /var/lib/authentic/); (ファイル)(データベース化したい!)

  • LDAP directory (allows the use of a LDAP directory, cf. Using a LDAP directory). (LDAPディレクトリ)


Following the "Passwords" link, you can set the following elements:

  • Allow the user to change his password; (ユーザーが変更できるようにする)
  • Choose to generate automatically the initial password; (初期パスワードを自動適に生成)
  • Determine the way a lost password can be retrieved (sending an email to the administrator, receiving it by email automatically, answer a question before receiving it by email); (パスワードリカバリ。電子メールを管理者へ送る、パスワード自動返答、質問)
  • Define the biggest and the smallest size allowed for passords (0 means no limitation). (パスワードの最大、最小サイズ)

Authentic — Administrator Guide

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