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Customisation parameters

Some options are available to customise Authentic. They are on the "Settings" tab, under the section "customisation".

Language (言語)

Following the "Language" link you can set the interface language.


Following the "Theme" link, you can select different graphic themes which will change the user interface design. The administration interface always remains the same, it uses the "Default" theme.

You will find more details about themes in the advanced settings chapter, Theme customisation section.


Following the "Template" link, you access the generic model used to display public pages, and you can modify it. The "Restore default template" button restores the original model. The templates syntax is explained in the advanced settings chapter, Template customisation section.


Following the "Email" link, you can define three different things:

  • SMTP server (server used by Authentic to send emails);
  • Email Sender (which will appear in the "from" field of emails sent to users);
  • Reply-To Address (if you wish the adress used for the users response to be different from the Email Sender address).

To go a step further in customisation, you can modify each of these pages:  (アドバンスドトピック)

  • Account Management (アカウント管理)
  • Registration (登録)
  • Registration Completed (登録完了)
  • Changing Password (パスワード変更)
  • Login (ログ)
  • Lost Password (パスワード忘れ)
  • Lost Password Question (パスワード忘れ質問)
  • Lost Password (mailed) (パスワード忘れ・メール)
  • Updating Personal Information (個人情報更新)

How to modify these pages is explained in the advanced settings chapter, Public pages customisation section.

Login Screen(ログインスクリーン)

Following the "Login Screen" link, you can add to this screen a cancel button. This button allows a redirection towards the Service Provider from which the user came. It happens to be usefull when a user reach the Login screen by mistake. (キャンセルボタンで元のSPに戻す)

Authentic — Administrator Guide

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