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Basic configuration of the Identity Provider (基本設定)

Public and private keys creation(パブリックキー/プライベートキーの設定)

If you don’t hold pem format keys, you need to create them. To create a couple public key/private key with OpenSSL, use the following commands:

Create the private key in a file named name-of-the-private-key.pem:

openssl genrsa -out name-of-the-private-key.pem 2048

Extract the public key from the private key in a file named name-of-the-public-key.pem:

openssl rsa -in name-of-the-private-key.pem -pubout \
    -out name-of-the-public-key.pem
Identity Provider configuration

The first two fields are automatically filled, don’t play with them unless you know what you are doing. (最初の2フィールドは触らないほうがよい。)


  • Provider ID (a username which necessarily is a URL); (プロバイダーID.URL)
  • Base URL (All the Liberty Alliance required URL are located under this root); (基本URL)
  • Organisation name (Name of the organisation who manage the Identity Provider); (基本設定)
  • Private Key (PEM format private key); (PEMプライベートキー)
  • Public Key (PEM format public key); (PEMパブリックキー)
  • Identity Provider Introduction, Common Domain (the Identity Provider introduction is a Liberty Alliance mechanism allowing an Identity Provider, for a particular domain, to create a cookie on the client machine. This is useful when several Identity Providers are associated to a Service Provider: this cookie can associate the Service Providers within a domain with the Identity Provider which delivered the cookie.); (IdP情報。共通ドメイン)(IdPイントロダクションはLAのメカニズムで、IdPが特定のドメインに対してクライアントマシンへクッキーを作成することが可能になる。複数のIdPが1つのSPに関連付けられていると便利である。このクッキーによりIdPのドメインにあるSPが関連付けられる。)
  • ID-FF Proxy Support (the proxy ID-FF option allows an identity provider to act as an active proxy between a Service Provider and the final Identity Provider. It is usefull only when several Identity Providers are used). (ID-FFプロキシーサポート:IdPがSPと最終IdPの間でアクティブなプロキシとなることができる。複数のIdPが使われるときに便利)
Saving the metadata file(メタデータ保存)

In this Authentic administration interface you can save the metadata file. this is usefull when it comes to configure a Service Provider. Act as follows: (メタデータファイルを保存できます。SPを設定するときに便利。)

  • click on "Settings"; ("Settings”をクリック)
  • you see an "Identity Provider Metadata" link. Do a right click and "save the link target as" ; (”Idnetity Provider Metadata”リンクがあるのでクリックして、”save the link target as”)
  • choose the file name (for example metadata-authentic.xml) and the place you want to save it. (ファイル名を指定してXMLファイルを保存)

Authentic — Administrator Guide

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