Final: OpenID Provider Authentication Policy Extension 1.0 : Abstract (俺約)



This extension to the OpenID Authentication protocol provides a mechanism by which a Relying Party can request that particular authentication policies be applied by the OpenID Provider when authenticating an End User. This extension also provides a mechanism by which an OpenID Provider may inform a Relying Party which authentication policies were used. Thus a Relying Party can request that the End User authenticate, for example, using a phishing-resistant or multi-factor authentication method.

(このOpenID Authenticationプロトコル拡張により,OPがEnd Userを認証するときに特定の認証ポリシーをRPから要求することができます。OPがRPにどの認証ポリシーが使われたかを伝えることができます。RPはEndUserがたとえば、耐フィッシングやマルチファクタ認証を使って認証するように要求することができるのです)

This extension also provides a mechanism by which a Relying Party can request that the OpenID Provider communicate the levels of authentication used, as defined within one or more sets of requested custom Assurance Levels, and for the OpenID Provider to communicate the levels used.

(この拡張によりRPはOPに対して複数のカスタムAssurance Levelで認証レベルを要求することができます。また、OPは使った認証レベルと返すことができます。)

This extension is not intended to provide all information regarding the quality of an OpenID Authentication assertion. Rather, it is designed to be balanced with information the Relying Party already has with regard to the OpenID Provider and the level of trust it places in it. If additional information is needed about processes such as new End User enrollment on the OpenID Provider, such information should either be transmitted out-of-band or in other extensions such as OpenID Attribute Exchange. Other aspects (e.g. security characteristics, credential provisioning, etc) could be dealt with in the future.

(OpenID Authenticationアサーションのクオティティに関してすべての情報を提供できるわけではありません。RPがOPとの間にすでに共有している情報とその中に信頼レベルをおくことをバランスさせるために考えました。新規EndUserのOPにおけるエンロールの処理のためとかさらに情報が必要であれば、out-ob-bandで送るとか、あるいはOpenID AXで送りましょう。セキュリティ度合いとかクレデンシャルの提供などは将来扱うことができるようになるかもしれません。)

This extension is optional, though its use is certainly recommended. This extension can be used with OpenID Authentication versions 1.1 and 2.0. (この拡張はオプショナルですが、推奨されます。)

While none of the information transmitted using this extension can be verified by the Relying Party using technology alone, this does not limit the utility of this extension. Because there is no trust model specified by OpenID, Relying Parties must decide for themselves which Providers are trustworthy; likewise, RPs can decide whether to trust authentication policy claims from such OpenID Providers as well. As with other OpenID extensions, it is the Relying Party’s responsibility to implement policy relative to the OpenID Provider’s response. (これで転送される情報はRPだけで確認できますが、利用方法にせいげんはありません。OpenIDでは信頼モデルが提供されないので、RPはどのプロバイダが信頼できるかを判断しなければいけません。同様に、RPはそのようなIPからの認証ポリシーの宣言についても信頼すべきかどうかを判断できます。他のエクステンション動揺に、RPの責任でOPの応答に応じてポリシーを実装します。)

Final: OpenID Provider Authentication Policy Extension 1.0

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