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A Store is responsible for persisting ‘static’ authority data, for example service endpoints and Refs. This data is retrieved when the Server needs to construct an XRDS for an authority. The Store component is subdivided into various interfaces, which represent different capabilities of stores:  (StoreはサービスエンドポイントとかRefなどの静的オーソリティデータの永続化を行います。)

  • Store and StoreLookup: These interfaces define core functionality and have to be implemented by every store. They include basic operations for creating and looking up authorities and subsegments. All other interfaces are optional.  (Store/StoreLookup:コア機能で必須です。オーソリテイィやサブセグメントを作ったり検索したりします。)
  • StoreBetterLookup: Defines advanced methods for getting information about authorities and subsegments out of a store. If a store implements this interface, the Server is able to automatically generate LocalIDs for an XRDS.  (StoreBetterLookup:アドバンスな方法でデータを取得します。これがあるとServerは自動的にLocalIDを作ることができます)
  • StoreEditable: Defines methods for adding and deleting refs and services of an authority.  (StoreEditable:オーソリティのrefやサービスを追加したり、削除したりします)
  • StoreContext: Provides methods for associating context with subsegments and authorities. The context is a String and can include information such as registration date etc.  (StoreContet:サブセグメントとオーソリティにコンテキストを関連付けます。コンテキストは文字列でたとえば登録日などの情報を含みます
  • StoreStatistics: Defines methods for getting statistics out of a store.  (StoreStatistics:統計を取得します)
  • ResettableStore: Defines a method for deleting all contents from a store.  (ResettableStore:ストアからすべてのコンポーネントを削除します)

Currently the following Store implementations exist:

  • MemoryStore: Stores all authority and subsegment information using in-memory data structures. When the Store object is destroyed, all contained information is lost. The MemoryStore implements the following interfaces: Store, StoreLookup and ResettableStore  (MemoryStore:インメモリデータを使います。オブジェクトがなくなると情報もなくなります。)
  • FileStore: Stores all authority and subsegment information using the local file system. The base path can be configured as a parameter in the XRIServlet configuration file. The FileStore implements the following interfaces: Store, StoreLookup and ResettableStore  (FileStore:ローカルファイルシステムを使います。XRIServletの設定ファイルにパスを設定します。)
  • DatabaseStore: Uses Hibernate to persist all authority and subsegment information in a relational database. This implementation covers all of the interfaces mentioned above.  (DatabaseStore:HibernateをつかってRDBに永続化します。)
  • NullStore: Implements all interfaces mentioned above, but does not actually store anything.  (NullStore:何も保存しません)

The following diagram shows interfaces and classes relevant to the Store component:

Store classes and interfaces

OpenXRI:Server Architecture – I-names Development Wiki

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