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The Server is the core component and responsible for building or retrieving an XRDS document. While this is not required by the architecture, the Server is expected to access the Store component for retrieving data about the authority to be resolved. The Server implementations can use information from the URIMapper to determine which authority has to be resolved.  (ServerはコアコンポーネントでXRDSドキュメントを組み立てたり取得します。アーキテクチャー上は必須ではありませんが、ServerはStoreコンポーネントにアクセスして解決すべきオーソリティデータを取得します。ServerはURIMapperからの情報をつかってどのオーソリティを解決すべきか判断します)

Implementing classes can choose to either implement the Server interface directly or to subclass AbstractServer, which handles the task of retrieving authority data from the Store. In the latter case, the implementing class only needs to add ‘dynamic’ parts to the XRDS, e.g. Status, Query and Expires elements.  (Serverインターフェースを実装するか、あるいはStoreのオーソリティデータを取得することができるAbstractServerを継承して実装します。後者の場合だとXRDSの動的な部分、つまりStatus,Query,Exipires要素を付け加えるだけでよくなります)

The AbstractServer supports resolving multiple subsegments in a single request ("recursing resolution").  (AbstractServerは1回のリクエストで複数のサブセグメントを解決できます[再帰解決])

The AbstractServer also includes an experimental feature called Authority Handlers, which makes it possible to add dynamic, programmatic behaviour to individual authorities of the Store.  (AbstractServerはまたAuthority Handlerと呼ばれる実験的な機能があり、Storeの個別のオーソリティの振る舞いを動的でかつプログラム的にすることができます)

All implementations must implement the Server interface.  (Serverインターフェースは必須です)

Currently the following Servers exist:

  • BasicServer: Subclass of AbstractServer; can build a complete XRDS with all required elements; dynamically creates Status, Query and Expires elements  (BasicServer:AbstractServerのサブクラス)
  • TrustedServer: Subclass of BasicServer; can add a SAML signature to the XRDS if trusted resolution is requested  (TrustedServer:BasicServerのサブクラス。SAMLシグネチャをXRDSに付け加えることができます。)

The following diagrams shows interfaces and classes relevant to the Server component:

Server classes and interfaces

OpenXRI:Server Architecture – I-names Development Wiki

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