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The XRIServlet is the Java servlet which handles incoming requests to the Authority Resolution Server. It performs the following functions:  (XRIServletはオーソリティ解決サーバーへのリクエストを処理します。)

1. Parse the request using an URIMapper implementation.  (URIMapperを使ってリクエストを解析します)

2. If the request could not be parsed, hand off processing to a Plugin implementation.  (URIMapperが解析できないリクエストはPluginを使います)

3. Otherwise use a Server implementation to construct an XRDS and send it back.  (それもできない場合はServerをつかってXRDSを生成して返します)

The following diagram describes this process from a high-level perspective:

Activities of the XRIServlet

OpenXRI:Server Architecture – I-names Development Wiki

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