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Components: ibrokerFront


This is the web application acting as a frontend to all main i-broker operations.(i-brokerのオペレーションのフロントエンドのWebアプリ) For example, it allows users to perform the following tasks:

  • Register new top-level and community i-names. (新規のトップレベルi-name/コミュニティi-nameの登録)
  • Manage existing i-names and i-services. (既存のi-nameとi-serviceの管理)
  • Manage user account, change contact information, reset password, etc. (ユーザーアカウント、連絡先、パスワードのリセットなどの管理)
  • Transfer i-names (in and out). (i-nameのやり取り)
  • Renew i-names. (i-nameの更新)

ibrokerFront can be configured and deployed without requiring programming work. However, it is also provided as source code, which allows you to customize and extend it according to your needs.(プログラムしなくても設定してインストールできます。ソースコードも提供されるのでカスタマイズできます)


ibrokerFront is packaged as a .WAR file for deployment at your main site, e.g. http://www.youribroker.com. The source code for this component is also provided, which allows you to decide to what extent you want to use it.(.WARファイルです。ソースコードもあります。)


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