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ibrokerCert is a standalone application that is only needed once during the initial accreditation phase with XDI.org and NeuStar. It is not used anymore once an i-broker begins normal operation. ( スタンドアローンアプリケーションで XDI.orgとNeuStarで最初に信用状を発行する時に1回だけ必要です。i-brokerが通常業務を開始すると不要になります)

The application performs the 44 tests prescribed by NeuStar’s Technical Certification Guide for XRI Version 1.3:

Test 1: Connection Establishment – Start Session
Test 2: Login and Authentication
Test 3: Change Password
Test 4: Create an Authority
Test 5: Create an Authority with Maximum Length
Test 6: Create an Authority with Minimum Length
Test 7: Check Authority (Authority Not Available)
Test 8: Check Authority (Authority Available)
Test 9: Check Authority with Maximum Length
Test 10: Query Authority <info>
Test 11: Transfer Query Command
Test 12: Delete an Authority
Test 13: Transfer an Authority
Test 14: Change Authority Trustees
Test 15: Change Escrow and contact agent
Test 16: Change Authority Social Data
Test 17: Change Authority Status and Add Service Endpoint
Test 18: Add Service Endpoints
Test 19: Add and Remove Service Endpoints
Test 20: Create I-Number
Test 21: Create I-Number with Maximum Length
Test 22: Check I-Number (I-Number Known)
Test 23: Check I-Number (I-Number Unknown)
Test 24: The <info> I-Number Command
Test 25: Delete I-Number
Test 26: Update I-Number
Test 27: Renew I-Number
Test 28: Create I-Name
Test 29: Check I-Name (I-Name Known)
Test 30: Check I-Name (I-Name Unknown)
Test 31: <info> Query I-Name
Test 32: Transfer I-Name
Test 33: Query I-Name Transfer Status
Test 34: Update I-Name Status
Test 35: Renew I-Name
Test 36: Delete I-Name
Test 37: Create I-Service
Test 38: Check I-Service (I-Service Known)
Test 39: Check I-Service (I-Service Unknown)
Test 40: <info> Query I-Service
Test 41: Update I-Service Status
Test 42: Renew I-Service
Test 43: Delete I-Service
Test 44: Logout

Optionally, ibrokerCert can be configured to:

  • Check if the EPP responses from the certification servers contain the expected values.
  • Log all EPP requests and responses for later examination.


ibrokerCert is packaged as an executable .JAR file.( .JARファイル)


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