ibrokerKit : epptools4Java (俺訳)


Components: epptools4Java


This component builds directly on NeuStar’s EPP toolkit. It provides the following functionality on top of the toolkit: ( NeuStarのEPPツールキットを使って直接作られています。以下の機能があります)

  • Maintaining a connection pool and automatic re-opening of connections. ( 接続プールと自動再接続管理)
  • Convenience methods to facilitate EPP operations such as registrations, updates, transfers, renewals, etc.(登録、更新、譲渡、リニューアルなどのEPP操作機能を提供)
  • Compatibility methods for converting between OpenXRI data structures and EPP toolkit data structures, e.g. for service endpoints, Refs, etc. ( OpenXRIデータ構造とEPPデータ構造の変換機能。たとえば、サービスエンドポイントとかRefとか)
  • Storage of every single EPP transaction. This makes the i-broker compliant with section of the I-Broker Agreement of the Global Service Specification at http://gss.xdi.org/. ( すべてのEPPトランザクションを保存。i-brokerの必須です)


epptools4Java is packaged as a .JAR file for use by other components.


カテゴリー: 未分類 パーマリンク



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