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5.2.  Fetch Response Format ("Fetch"応答フォーマット)

The fetch response message supplies the information requested in the fetch request. Each attribute is supplied with the assigned alias prefixed by "" as the lvalue and the attribute value as the rvalue. Attribute types are also returned in the "<alias>" parameters. The supported length for attribute aliases MUST be at least 32 characters.



With the exception of "", all of the following request fields are OPTIONAL, though any attribute value present in a "<alias>" parameter MUST have an associated "<alias>" parameter.

 (は必須。それ以外はオプション。<alias> があれば、対応する<alias>が存在しなければいけない)

If a value was not supplied or available from the user, the associated "<alias>" field SHOULD NOT be included by the OP in the fetch response. An "<alias>" with a value of "0" together with its corresponding "<alias>" field MAY be included to explicitly state that no values are provided for an attribute.



Validation of the received data should be performed out of band of attribute exchange by the RP.

REQUIRED. Value: "fetch_response".<alias>

The value of this parameter specifies the type identifier URI for an attribute in the fetch response. The <alias> will further be used to identify the attribute being exchanged.

Attribute aliases MUST NOT contain newline and colon characters, as specified in the Data Formats / Protocol Messages section of [OpenID.authentication‑2.0] (, “OpenID Authentication 2.0 – Final,” August 2007.); they also MUST NOT contain commas (",") and periods (".").<alias>

The number of values returned for the attribute referred to as <alias>.<alias>

Assigns a value to the attribute referred to as <alias>. This parameter format MUST be used if "<alias>" is not sent.<alias>.<number>

Assigns a value to the attribute referred to as <alias>. This parameter format MUST be used if "<alias>" is sent and at least one value is provided for the associated attribute.

The <number> uniquely identifies the index of the value, ranging from one to the value specified by "<alias>". The number of parameters MUST be equal to the value specified by "<alias>". The OP is not required to preserve the order of attribute values among fetch responses.



Returns the "update_url" parameter specified in the request. If the OpenID Provider receives an "update_url" parameter and it intends to support the attribute update feature, it MUST present the "update_url" parameter and value as part of the fetch response message.


A fetch response message may also be sent to the "update_url" specified in Section 5.1 (Fetch Request Format) in response to attribute value updates on the OpenID Provider.

The response to the previous request example, in which the required full name information, and the optional favourite dog information are supplied. Even though three movie names were requested, the OP supplied only two values. Smith

Final: OpenID Attribute Exchange 1.0 – Final

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