Final: OpenID Attribute Exchange 1.0 – Final : 俺約/メモ

  1. OpenID signon 2.0 に乗っかるindirectコール 
  2. つまり、Rpイニシエート
  3. fetchメッセージで属性データを取得できる
  4. storeメッセージで属性データをOpに保存/更新できる
2.  Overview

The attribute exchange service extension is identified by the URI "". This URI MUST be specified in the extension namespace declaration.

An attribute is a unit of personal identity information that is identified by a unique URI. It may refer to any kind of information. A reference example of defining attribute types is provided by [OpenID.axschema] (Hardt, D., “Schema for OpenID Attribute Exchange,” May 2007.).

This service extension defines two message types for transferring attributes: fetch (see Section 5 (Fetch Message)) and store (see Section 6 (Store Message)). Fetch retrieves attribute information from an OpenID Provider, while store saves or updates attribute information on the OpenID Provider. Both messages originate from the Relying Party and are passed to the OpenID Provider via the user agent as per the OpenID Authentication protocol specification.

(属性転送に関して2つのメッセージタイプがある。"fetch"と"store"。FetchによりOpenID Providerから属性情報を取得。Storeにより属性情報をOPに保存、更新。どちらのリクエストもRPからなげれ、ユーザーエージェントを経由してOPに渡される。メッセージングにはOpenID 認証プロトコル規約が使われます。)

The request parameters detailed here MUST be sent using the [OpenID.authentication‑2.0] (, “OpenID Authentication 2.0 – Final,” August 2007.) extension mechanism.

Final: OpenID Attribute Exchange 1.0 – Final

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