XML Advanced Electronic Signatures (XAdES) : 5.2.4 The CounterSignature element : 俺約/メモ :”副署”


5.2.4 The CounterSignature element (副署)

Some electronic signatures may only be valid if they bear more than onesignature. This is the case generally when a contract is signed between two parties. The ordering of the signatures may or may not be important, i.e. one may or may not need to be applied before the other. (複数の署名が妥当な場合のみ有効なデジタル署名があります。2つ以上の関係者で署名される契約書とかです。署名の順序は重要な場合もありますが、そうでない場合もあります。一方の署名の前に適応しなければいけないか、そうでなくてもよいかということです。)

Several forms of multiple and counter signatures need to be supported, which fall into two basic categories:

  • Independent signatures.(独立署名:署名順序を問わない)

  • Embedded signatures.(埋め込み署名:署名順序を問う)

Independent signatures are parallel signatures where the ordering of thesignatures is not important. Therefore an independent signature will not appear as a CounterSignature property of another independent one. (独立署名はConterSignatureに指定されない)

Embedded signatures are applied one after the other and are used where the order the signatures are applied is important. Multiple embedded signatures are supported using the CounterSignature unsigned property. Each CounterSignature is carried in one CounterSignature element added to the Signature element to which the CounterSignature is applied. (埋め込み署名はCounterSignatureを使う。)

In a qualified Signature the contents of the CounterSignature element are one or more signatures (i.e. ds:Signature elements) of the SignatureValue in the qualified Signature.

A CounterSignature can itself be qualified by a CounterSignature property. Thus it is possible to construct arbitrarily long series of countersignatures. (CounterSignature自身も別のCounterSignatureに修飾されてもよい)

This is a unsigned property that qualifies the signature.

Below follows the schema definition for this element.

<xsd:element name="CounterSignature" type="CounterSignatureType" />
<xsd:complexType name="CounterSignatureType">
    <xsd:element ref="ds:Signature"/>

The next figure shows a countersigned Signature.

Figure 5 can not be shown

Figure 5. Use of CounterSignature element

XML Advanced Electronic Signatures (XAdES)

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