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5.1.4 The TimeStampType data type (TimeStampデータタイプ)

Time-Stamps shall be used with XML Advanced Electronic Signatures in anumber of use cases:

  • A XML Advanced Electronic Signature with Time-Stamp (XAdES-T) includes a time-stamp over the XML Advanced Electronic Signature (XAdES) to protect against repudiation in case of a key compromise.(XAdES-T:XAdESに対してキーが危殆化した場合に否認されないようにします。)

  • Two mechanisms are provided for protection against fraudulence in case of a CA key compromise, obtaining the XAdES-X form:(CAキーが危殆化したときに詐欺されないようにXAdES-Xがあります)

    • A time-stamp only over all certificate and revocation information references of an XML Advanced Electronic Signature with Complete Validation Data (XAdES-C).(XAdES-Cの証明所およびリボケーション情報への参照だけのタイムスタンプ)

    • A time-stamp computed over the signature value, the signature time-stamp and the certificate and revocation information references present in the XML Advanced Electronic Signature with Complete Validation Data (XAdES-C).(それと証明、署名タイムスタンプすべてに対するタイムスタンプ)

  • To provide for long term validity of an XML signature, a time-stamp can be applied over an XML Advanced Electronic Signature with Extended Validation Data (XAdES-X-L) to obtain a XAdES-A form. In this case the time-stamp is called an Archive Time-Stamp. Additional time-stamps can be added to this XAdES-A as time goes on.(XML Signatureに長期批准を提供するために、XAdES-X-Lにタイムスタンプを適用する。この場合、アーカイブタイムスタンプと呼ぶ。時間が経過するたびにXAdES-Aにタイムスタンプを追加できる)

  • Additionally, time-stamps proving that some or all the data objects to be signed have been created before some time can also be added as signed properties to the XAdES.(さらに、署名されるべきデータオブジェクト(部分的あるいはすべて)作られたことを証明するタイムスタンプをXAdESの署名プロパティとして追加することもできる)

A time-stamp is obtained by sending the digest value of the given data tothe Time-Stamp Authority (TSA). The returned time-stamp is a signed data that contains the digest value, the identity of the TSA, and the time of stamping. This proves that the given data existed before the time of stamping.(タイムスタンプはTSAに対してデータのダイジェスト値をおくって得られます。返されたタイムスタンプは署名されたデータで、ダイジェスト値、TSAのID、発行時刻が含まれます。これで与えられたデータが刻時去る前に存在していたことを証明します。)

Time-Stamps specified in the present document will be generated on selected parts of the XAdES signature element.(現在のドキュメントで定義されているタイムスタンプはXAdES署名要素の選択された部分に対して生成されるでしょう)

Below follows the schema definition for the data type used for all the time-stamps mentioned above.

<xsd:complexType name="TimeStampType">
    <xsd:element name="HashDataInfo" type="HashDataInfoType" 
      <xsd:element name="EncapsulatedTimeStamp" 
      <xsd:element name="XMLTimeStamp" type="AnyType"/>

<xsd:complexType name="HashDataInfoType">
    <xsd:element name="Transforms" type="ds:TransformsType" minOccurs="0"/>
  <xsd:attribute name="uri" type="xsd:anyURI" use="required"/>

Each HashDataInfo element contains an uriattribute referencing a data object and one ds:Transforms element indicating the transformations to make to this data object as described in [XMLDSIG].

The sequence of HashDataInfo elements will be used to produce the input of the hash computation process whose result will be included in the time-stamp request to be sent to the TSA.

The actual input to the hash computation is obtained as follows. Each data object referenced in the sequence of elements HashDataInfo is transformed according the indications of the corresponding Transforms element. Once all the referenced data objects have been transformed, the resulting octets are concatenated in the order in which the data objects are referenced.

The time-stamp generated by the TSA can be either an ASN.1 data object (as defined in [TSP], use EncapsulatedTimeStamp), or it can be encoded as XML (use XMLTimeStamp). Since at the time being there is no standard for an XML time-stamp, we provide a placeholder for future use.(タイムスタンプはTSAが生成しますが、ASN.1データオブジェクト形式か、あるいはXMLにエンコードされます。当面XMLタイムスタンプの標準はないですがプレースホルダーだけは用意します)

XML Advanced Electronic Signatures (XAdES)

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