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Appendix A.  Appendix A – Protocol Example

In this example, the Service Provider photos.example.net is a photo sharing website, and the Consumer printer.example.com is a photo printing website. Jane, the User, would like printer.example.com to print the private photo vacation.jpg stored at photos.example.net.


When Jane signs-into photos.example.net using her username and password, she can access the photo by going to the URL http://photos.example.net/photo?file=vacation.jpg. Other Users cannot access that photo, and Jane does not want to share her username and password with printer.example.com. (Janeは photosにID/PWDでログイン。ほかの人にはvacation.jpgを見られたくない。printerにはID/PWDでログインしたくない。)

The requests in this example use the URL query method when sending parameters. This is done to simplify the example and should not be taken as an endorsement of one method over the others.

Appendix A.1.  Documentation and Registration

The Service Provider documentation explains how to register for a Consumer Key and Consumer Secret, and declares the following URLs:

Request Token URL:

https://photos.example.net/request_token, using HTTP POST

User Authorization URL:

http://photos.example.net/authorize, using HTTP GET

Access Token URL:

https://photos.example.net/access_token, using HTTP POST

Photo (Protected Resource) URL:

http://photos.example.net/photo with required parameter file and optional parameter size

The Service Provider declares support for the HMAC-SHA1 signature method for all requests, and PLAINTEXT only for secure (HTTPS) requests.

The Consumer printer.example.com already established a Consumer Key and Consumer Secret with photos.example.net and advertizes its printing services for photos stored on photos.example.net. The Consumer registration is: (Printer[Consumer]はすでにConsumerKeyとConsumerSecretをPhotoに登録していて、photosに保存されている写真の印刷サービスがあることを公表している。)

Consumer Key:


Consumer Secret:


OAuth Core 1.0

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