OAuth Core 1.0 : 9.1.3. Concatenate Request Elements : 俺約/メモ


9.1.3.  Concatenate Request Elements ( リクエスト要素の連結)

The following items MUST be concatenated in order into a single string. Each item is encoded (Parameter Encoding) and separated by an ‘&’ character (ASCII code 38), even if empty. (それぞれのアイテムはParameter Endodingされて、&で連結します。空であっても。)

  1. The HTTP request method used to send the request. Value MUST be uppercase, for example: HEAD, GET , POST, etc. ( HTTPリクエストメソッド。英大文字。たとえばHEAD,GET,POSTなど。)
  2. The request URL from Section 9.1.2 (Construct Request URL). ( リクエストURL)
  3. The normalized request parameters string from Section 9.1.1 (Normalize Request Parameters). ( ノーマライズド文字列)

See Signature Base String example in Appendix A.5.1 (Generating Signature Base String).

OAuth Core 1.0

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