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9.1.2.  Construct Request URL (リクエストURLを作成)

The Signature Base String includes the request absolute URL, tying the signature to a specific endpoint. The URL used in the Signature Base String MUST include the scheme, authority, and path, and MUST exclude the query and fragment as defined by [RFC3986] (Berners-Lee, T., “Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI): Generic Syntax,” .) section 3.

(SBSにはリクエストの絶対URLを含めます。これでシグネチャーを特定のエンドポイントに紐付けられます。SBSで使ったURLにはshchme,authority,pathが含まれます。また、queryとfragmentは抜きます。RFC3986 Section 3 を参照。)

If the absolute request URL is not available to the Service Provider (it is always available to the Consumer), it can be constructed by combining the scheme being used, the HTTP Host header, and the relative HTTP request URL. If the Host header is not available, the Service Provider SHOULD use the host name communicated to the Consumer in the documentation or other means.


The Service Provider SHOULD document the form of URL used in the Signature Base String to avoid ambiguity due to URL normalization. Unless specified, URL scheme and authority MUST be lowercase and include the port number; http default port 80 and https default port 443 MUST be excluded.

(SPはSBSで使われるURLの形式をドキュメントしてURLノーマライゼーションがあいまいにならないようにします。指定されない限り、URL schemeとauthoriyは英小文字でport番号を含むべきです。httpのデフォルトポート80とhttpsのデフォルトポート443はこの限りではない。)

For example, the request:


Is included in the Signature Base String as:


OAuth Core 1.0

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