OAuth Core 1.0 : 9.1.1. Normalize Request Parameters : 俺約/メモ


9.1.1.  Normalize Request Parameters (リクエストパラメータのノーマライズ)

The request parameters are collected, sorted and concatenated into a normalized string: (リクエストパラメータは次のようにしてノーマライズされます)

The oauth_signature parameter MUST be excluded.  (oauth_signatureを除外!)

The parameters are normalized into a single string as follows: (次のようにして1つの文字列にします)

  1. Parameters are sorted by name, using lexicographical byte value ordering. If two or more parameters share the same name, they are sorted by their value. (nameでソート。辞書順。二つ以上のパラメータが名前を共有するときは、valueでソート。)For example:
                        a=1, c=hi%20there, f=25, f=50, f=a, z=p, z=t
  2. Parameters are concatenated in their sorted order into a single string. For each parameter, the name is separated from the corresponding value by an ‘=’ character (ASCII code 61), even if the value is empty. Each name-value pair is separated by an ‘&’ character (ASCII code 38). (1つの文字列に連結。各パラメータごとにname=value。値が空でもそうです。name-valueのペアは&(ASCIIコード38)で分離)For example:

OAuth Core 1.0

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