OAuth Core 1.0 : 6.3. Obtaining an Access Token : 俺約/メモ


6.3.  Obtaining an Access Token (AT取得)

The Consumer exchanges the Request Token for an Access Token capable of accessing the Protected Resources.


Obtaining an Access Token includes the following steps:

6.3.1.  Consumer Requests an Access Token(ATリクエスト)

The Request Token and Token Secret MUST be exchanged for an Access Token and Token Secret.


To request an Access Token, the Consumer makes an HTTP request to the Service Provider’s Access Token URL. The Service Provider documentation specifies the HTTP method for this request, and HTTP POST is RECOMMENDED. (AT要求するために、ConsuermhaSPのAT-URLにHTTPリクエストします。SPは手順をドキュメントします。POSTが推奨)

The request MUST be signed per Signing Requests (Signing Requests), and contains the following parameters:


The Consumer Key. (Consumerキー)


The Request Token obtained previously.(もらったRT)


The signature method the Consumer used to sign the request. (署名方法)


The signature as defined in Signing Requests (Signing Requests). (署名)


As defined in Nonce and Timestamp (Nonce and Timestamp). (時刻)


As defined in Nonce and Timestamp (Nonce and Timestamp). (ノンス)


OPTIONAL. If present, value MUST be 1.0 . Service Providers MUST assume the protocol version to be 1.0 if this parameter is not present. Service Providers’ response to non-1.0 value is left undefined.

No additional Service Provider specific parameters are allowed when requesting an Access Token to ensure all Token related information is present prior to seeking User approval.  (ATリクエストの際に、これ以外のパラメータをSPは受け付けないでください。すべてのToken関係の情報がユーザー承認を求めるより前に存在することを確かにするために。) なんか、最後の英語がよくわからん。

OAuth Core 1.0

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