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6.1.  Obtaining an Unauthorized Request Token

The Consumer obtains an unauthorized Request Token by asking the Service Provider to issue a Token. The Request Token’s sole purpose is to receive User approval and can only be used to obtain an Access Token. The Request Token process goes as follows:

(Consumerは認証されていないRequest TokenをSPに発行依頼することができます。RTの目的はUserの承認をえてそれを使ってAccessTokenを取得することにあります。)

6.1.1.  Consumer Obtains a Request Token

To obtain a Request Token, the Consumer sends an HTTP request to the Service Provider’s Request Token URL. The Service Provider documentation specifies the HTTP method for this request, and HTTP POST is RECOMMENDED.


The request MUST be signed and contains the following parameters:


The Consumer Key. (Consumerキー)


The signature method the Consumer used to sign the request. (Consumerどうやってリクエストに署名したか)


The signature as defined in Signing Requests (Signing Requests). (リクエスト署名)


As defined in Nonce and Timestamp (Nonce and Timestamp). (時刻)


As defined in Nonce and Timestamp (Nonce and Timestamp). (ノンス)


OPTIONAL. If present, value MUST be 1.0 . Service Providers MUST assume the protocol version to be 1.0 if this parameter is not present. Service Providers’ response to non-1.0 value is left undefined. (1.0. パラメータがなければSPは1.0とする。)

Additional parameters:

Any additional parameters, as defined by the Service Provider.(SPが勝手に定義できます)

OAuth Core 1.0

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