OAuth Core 1.0 : 10. HTTP Response Codes : 俺約/メモ


10.  HTTP Response Codes

This section applies only to the Request Token and Access Token requests. In general, the Service Provider SHOULD use the response codes defined in [RFC2616] (Fielding, R., Gettys, J., Mogul, J., Frystyk, H., Masinter, L., Leach, P., and T. Berners-Lee, “Hypertext Transfer Protocol – HTTP/1.1,” .) Section 10. When the Service Provider rejects a Consumer request, it SHOULD respond with HTTP 400 Bad Request or HTTP 401 Unauthorized.

  • HTTP 400 Bad Request
    • Unsupported parameter
    • Unsupported signature method
    • Missing required parameter
    • Duplicated OAuth Protocol Parameter
  • HTTP 401 Unauthorized
    • Invalid Consumer Key
    • Invalid / expired Token
    • Invalid signature
    • Invalid / used nonce

OAuth Core 1.0

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