XRI Resolution 2.0 :4 XRDS Documents

4 XRDS Document (俺約/俺メモ)

4 XRDS Documents

XRI resolution provides resource description metadata using a simple, extensible XML format called an XRDS (Extensible Resource Descriptor Sequence) document. An XRDS document contains one or more XRD (Extensible Resource Descriptor) elements. While this specification defines only the XRD elements necessary to support XRI resolution, XRD elements can easily be extended to publish any form of metadata about the resources they describe.

(XRI解決ではXRDSというXMLを使ってリソースを説明するメタデータを提供。XRDS = n x XRD 。このスペックではXRD要素でXRI解決に必要なものだけを定義。XRD要素は簡単に拡張できる)

4.1 XRDS and XRD Namespaces and Schema Locations

An XRDS document is intended to serve exclusively as an XML container document for XML schemas from other XML namespaces. Therefore it has only a single root element xrds:XRDS in its own XML namespace identified by the XRI xri://$xrds. It also has two attributes, redirect and ref, that are used to identify the resource described by the XRDS document. Both are of type anyURI. Use of these attributes is defined in section 12.5.

(ルートはxrds:XRDS。ネームスペースは xri://$xrds 。redirect属性とref属性が使える。どっちもanyURI型です。12.5)

The elements in the XRD schema are intended for generic resource description, including the metadata necessary for XRI resolution. Since the XRD schema has simple semantics that may evolve over time, the version defined in this specification uses the XML namespace xri://$xrd*($v*2.0). This namespace is versioned using XRI version metadata as defined in [XRIMetadata].

(ここでのバージョンはxri://$xrd*($v*2.0) 。XRI メタデータでバージョンが定義されています。)

The attributes defined in both the XRDS and XRD schemas are not namespace qualified. In order to prevent conflicts, attributes defined in extensions MUST be namespace qualified.


This namespace architecture enables the XRDS namespace to remain constant while allowing the XRD namespace (and the namespaces of other XML elements that may be included in an XRDS document) to be versioned over time. See section 17.2 for more about versioning of the XRD schema.

The locations of the normative RelaxNG schema files for an XRDS document and an XRD element as defined by this specification are:

· xrds.rnc: http://docs.oasis-open.org/xri/xri-resolution/2.0/specs/cd03/xrds.mc

· xrd.rnc: http://docs.oasis-open.org/xri/xri-resolution/2.0/specs/cd03/xrd.mc


The following URIs will always reference the latest versions of these files:

· xrds.rnc: http://docs.oasis-open.org/xri/2.0/specs/xrds.rnc

· xrd.rnc: http://docs.oasis-open.org/xri/2.0/specs/xrd.rnc

A reference listing of each of these files is provided in Appendix B, and a reference listing of the informative W3C XML Schema versions is provided in Appendix C.

XRI Resolution 2.0

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