OAuth Core 1.0 : 9.2. HMAC-SHA1 : 俺約


9.2.  HMAC-SHA1

The HMAC-SHA1 signature method uses the HMAC-SHA1 signature algorithm as defined in [RFC2104] (Krawczyk, H., Bellare, M., and R. Canetti, “HMAC: Keyed-Hashing for Message Authentication,” .) where the Signature Base String is the text and the key is the concatenated values (each first encoded per Parameter Encoding (Parameter Encoding)) of the Consumer Secret and Token Secret, separated by an ‘&’ character (ASCII code 38) even if empty.

(HMAC-SHA1ではSBS=テキストで KEY=Consumer Secret + ‘&’ + Token Secret です。)

OAuth Core 1.0

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