OAuth Core 1.0 – Table of Contents – 俺約


Table of Contents

1.  Authors
2.  Notation and Conventions
3.  Definitions
4.  Documentation and Registration
4.1.  Request URLs
4.2.  Service Providers
4.3.  Consumers
5.  Parameters
5.1.  Parameter Encoding
5.2.  Consumer Request Parameters
5.3.  Service Provider Response Parameters
5.4.  OAuth HTTP Authorization Scheme
6.  Authenticating with OAuth
6.1.  Obtaining an Unauthorized Request Token
6.2.  Obtaining User Authorization
6.3.  Obtaining an Access Token
7.  Accessing Protected Resources
8.  Nonce and Timestamp
9.  Signing Requests
9.1.  Signature Base String
9.2.  HMAC-SHA1
9.3.  RSA-SHA1
10.  HTTP Response Codes
Appendix A.  Appendix A – Protocol Example
Appendix A.1.  Documentation and Registration
Appendix A.2.  Obtaining a Request Token
Appendix A.3.  Requesting User Authorization
Appendix A.4.  Obtaining an Access Token
Appendix A.5.  Accessing Protected Resources
Appendix B.  Security Considerations
Appendix B.1.  Credentials and Token Exchange
Appendix B.2.  PLAINTEXT Signature Method
Appendix B.3.  Confidentiality of Requests
Appendix B.4.  Spoofing by Counterfeit Servers
Appendix B.5.  Proxying and Caching of Authenticated Content
Appendix B.6.  Plaintext Storage of Credentials
Appendix B.7.  Secrecy of the Consumer Secret
Appendix B.8.  Phishing Attacks
Appendix B.9.  Scoping of Access Requests
Appendix B.10.  Entropy of Secrets
Appendix B.11.  Denial of Service / Resource Exhaustion Attacks
Appendix B.12.  Cryptographic Attacks
Appendix B.13.  Signature Base String Compatibility
11.  References
§  Author’s Address

OAuth Core 1.0

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