OAuth Core 1.0 – Abstract – 俺約/メモ



The OAuth protocol enables websites or applications (Consumers) to access Protected Resources from a web service (Service Provider) via an API, without requiring Users to disclose their Service Provider credentials to the Consumers. More generally, OAuth creates a freely-implementable and generic methodology for API authentication.

An example use case is allowing printing service printer.example.com (the Consumer), to access private photos stored on photos.example.net (the Service Provider) without requiring Users to provide their photos.example.net credentials to printer.example.com.

OAuth does not require a specific user interface or interaction pattern, nor does it specify how Service Providers authenticate Users, making the protocol ideally suited for cases where authentication credentials are unavailable to the Consumer, such as with OpenID.

(特別なUIやインタラクションのパターン要求しません。Service ProviderがUserをどうやって認証させるかも自由です。ConsumerがOpenIDを使ったときのように認証クレデンシャルを持っていないときに理想的に適応できるようなプロトコルになっています。)

OAuth aims to unify the experience and implementation of delegated web service authentication into a single, community-driven protocol. OAuth builds on existing protocols and best practices that have been independently implemented by various websites. An open standard, supported by large and small providers alike, promotes a consistent and trusted experience for both application developers and the users of those applications.

(OAuthはdelegated web servie 認証の体験と実装を統一化して1つのコミュニティドリブンのプロトコルにすることを目的としています。OAuthは既存のプロトコルとベストプラクティスの上に構築されています。)


OAuth Core 1.0

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