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4.1.  Request URLs

OAuth defines three request URLs:

Request Token URL: (リクエストトークンURL)

The URL used to obtain an unauthorized Request Token, described in Section 6.1 (Obtaining an Unauthorized Request Token).

User Authorization URL: (ユーザー認可URL)

The URL used to obtain User authorization for Consumer access, described in Section 6.2 (Obtaining User Authorization).

Access Token URL: (アクセストークンURL)

The URL used to exchange the User-authorized Request Token for an Access Token, described in Section 6.3 (Obtaining an Access Token).

The three URLs MUST include scheme, authority, and path, and MAY include query and fragment as defined by [RFC3986] (Berners-Lee, T., “Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI): Generic Syntax,” .) section 3. The request URL query MUST NOT contain any OAuth Protocol Parameters. For example:


OAuth Core 1.0

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