XRDS-Simple 1.0 Draft 1:#4 俺訳/俺メモ


4.  Workflow Overview

XRDS-Simple provides a bi-directional method for mapping between a Resource and the Resource Description Document describing it. This allows finding Resource information from either starting point, a Resource or a Resource Description Document.

In one direction, the Resource Endpoint is used to retrieve the Resource Description Document – a machine-readable document containing information about the Resource, as well as links to other associated Resources. In the opposite direction, a Resource Description Document provides a list of Resource descriptions which are matched against the desired selection criteria leading to a Resource Endpoint.

(Resource Endpoint をつかってRDDを取得)

This can also be viewed as a circular workflow in which a Resource Endpoint leads to the Resource Description Document which in turns leads back to the Resource Endpoint via the Resource description, as well as points to other Resource Endpoints. The entry point in which a Consumer enters the workflow depends on what is available to it.

The discovery workflow centers on the retrieval and parsing of the Resource Description Document and includes two steps, each representing one of the entry point to the workflow:

  • Retrieve the Resource Description Document. (RDDを取得)
  • Parse the Resource Description Document and select the desired Endpoints.(RDDをパースして行きたいEndpointを選択)

Implementers’ Draft: XRDS-Simple 1.0 Draft 1

カテゴリー: 未分類 パーマリンク



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